Membership Development

Usually foremost on every organization's list of priorities... for both prospective and current member retention.

Governmental Affairs

Is an awareness that cannot be avoided or ignored when the organization's interest need advancing or protecting.

Financial Management

Should not be haphazard duty passed from one "volunteer" to another... it is a continuous responsibility for experienced accountants.

Public Relations

Often referred to as PR -- is vital today in keeping the general public informed and aware of your industry and profession.


To keep things operating smoothly without delays or lapses in the planning, billings, deposits, records and required regulatory filings.


Determines the direction of an organization or profession... they measure strengths, weaknesses, opinions and future directions.

Strategic Planning Facilitating

Develop mission statement, goals, and task for your organization for one, three and five years.

Membership Benefits

Special services such as group hospitalization and other insurance programs are available through providers if needed.


Is required by law for IRS returns on all non-profit groups and also is needed by the Board of Directors for planning


Letters, telephone calls, email, website inquiries, fax and voice mail messages from our 24 hour service deserve a prompt answer. AWM responds or refers immediately.

Minutes/Financial Reports

Are prepared and distributed by staff preceding and following meetings as the Board directs.

Fund Raising

Special needs and projects that cannot be funded from the annual budget require special efforts to fund.

Conference Management

Is an area that can keep an organization solvent or indebted.. vital or stale... depending on management control and creativity.

Trade Shows/Exhibits

Are important for many reasons including the introduction of new products and services essential to members future productivity.

Education, Certification Programs

Constitute the foundation of a non-profit organization and are vital to increasing professional competency of members.

Membership Development

Usually foremost on every organization's list of priorities... for both prospective and current member retention.


Should be professionally prepared since they not only inform the membership, but also build an image and report your progress.

Physical Headquarters Office Space

Is important as office of record and allowing contact by members, other organizations and for producing meeting results.

Graphics and Design

AWM works with a host of graphic designers and can organize and build a modern, progressive and positive image through the organization's publications and vendor systems.


Beyond the newsletters are brochures for membership, trade shows, surveys, membership services and convention/seminar promotions.


Is an often overlooked service with governmental agencies, other allied associations, educational institutions and consumer groups.


In-house services such as photocopying, photography and slide capabilities expand our ability to communicate.

Legal/CPA Counsel

Are retained on a monthly or as needed basis to give guidance and answer sensitive questions. Other consultants are hired as needed.

Additional Services

Such as management mailings, employee training, consulting, budgeting, group travel, computer support and fund raising are readily available.

Website and Graphic Design

Our website and Graphic Design services can be found


Database Management and Design

Find out about our Database Management and Design services


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